Friday, February 22, 2013

Flow flow flow

"See you in 3 weeks again?" M asked me when I left the shala. He asked where I've been and I said: "I didn't made it out of the bed." Finally this was the truth. This is sometimes so, was his comment. Yogis take it easy. :)

I practiced primary and it was excellent. Flow was my focus today. My breath guided me through the practice. This is what I want to do. It was a wonderful practice.

Picture: Sometimes I also use blocks under my hands to have it easier to stand up. One block is still not high enough. Today on my way home I bought 2 more blocks. Using the blocks makes the pose easier in general. Don't ask me why.

Today I've licked blood again. I want to profit from the atmosphere and energy in classes, too. I've enough solo practices where I can explore poses.

Btw: Ashtanga yoga is also a mental exercise. To stay positive can be learned. With time one is able to do more and more asanas and this changes thoughts from negative to positive. Positive thinking seems to be contagious. One can become also positive re other areas of life. One finds time to practice i.e. also this seemed to be impossible. Many many years I got up at 5am to have one hour of Ashtanga yoga. Sharath starts his practice at 1am. It's possible.

This has been my big break now. I do marathon cleaning. It's necessary. My yoga room is clean already. :)

And tomorrow? Moon sequence by M. Sweeney.


lilasvb said...

i admire that you can write everyday about your practise, i work hard on mine but still not abble to talk about on paper

Ursula Preiss said...

Why not, lilasvb? It's just a routine, like yoga itself.

My blog motivates me to practice. It's a learning tool as well. Write for yourself.
Good luck and inspiring practices.