Monday, February 18, 2013

Flexible in many ways

On the road again.
Today we both will drive home to Munich again. I'm looking forward to my chaos.

Yesterday I registered my father on facebook. He won't even check it, I know it. 85 is the new 60 I try to convince him. Yet he had a sleepless night due to facebook. It's fun, no stress, I told him. He has a different view. He thinks he must write something and he doesn't know what. It's very likely that I'll delete his account again next time.

We feast here. Oh my.

Outside it's grey. This afternoon I'll walk to the castle with my camera. I need to move.

Routines can be very helpful. Being flexible also means to feel good without the fine-tuned routines. I do.

Re my yoga I feel that a shift happened. For a few months I was super ambitious re the performance of asanas, especially third series should develop. I got back to the view that a daily practice is it. Respecting the ups and downs of the body is it. Not every day is the same. Concentration is as important as strength and flexibility. Also here, less can be sometimes more.

My plan for the next days:
Second series tomorrow.
Mysore class on Friday
Thursday is primary day, so is Friday.

Saturday I'll do the moon sequence.

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