Thursday, February 21, 2013

Fine-tuning of my routines

Practicing Ashtanga yoga and having other duties and interests, too means that one has to use the available time wisely.

Let's talk about showering:
I shower in the morning when I get up. This is the first activity, even before making a cup of coffee for myself. That's OK.
I used to take a bath after my yoga practice rather often lately. This feels good. It relaxes the muscles. Yet I lose time. And afterwards I feel so relaxed that I want to lie on the bed. Sometimes I do it. It requires energy to do anything. Why to make life difficult?
I'll take a short shower after practice and I'll postpone bathing to the evening. Then I can also wash my hair. It's good to be so relaxed in the evening before sleeping.
I tested this new routine today and it was very good.

It feels as if I have one hour more.

2 hours and 15 min I practiced today and it was primary that was on the schedule. I added asanas, like the splits. I'm amazed.
Tomorrow I'll go to a Mysore class!!!!!!! I want to practice primary. Friday is my primary day.

Details count.

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ana said...

Prcticar After yoga, it is best not to shower, because you lose the "prana"
eperar better at least 30 to 45 minutes. greetings