Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Back bending

Back bending is my weakness. Perseverance is my strength. 

I keep working on these back bending asanas. Also today I spent a lot of time before kapotasana. I realized that I need more time to become soft and flexible. To do laghu vajrasana and then kapotasana is a huge step. I need interim steps.
I want to love to stretch backwards. This I can say about my exercises today. I loved it. I gave myself all the time I needed till I felt ready for kapotasana. I wanted to do it finally. "Yeah, now I want to know how it feels, how far I come today", was the self talk. It was not: "Oh my God, now kapotasana, I don't like to do it."

One cannot see progress on a daily basis. I know this, I know this. 

Two and a half hours I practiced. All poses of second series were done.
Today I started with the CD by Sharath. It has been some time that I've done it. I had to get used to the rhythm again. Fast one has to go into an asana. One breath and one has to be in the pose.

I practice because it feels good. This practice is my daily highlight. So content I am.

Time to have lunch. I'll eat out in my favorite vegan restaurant here: yam vegan deli.

Here is the pose: kapotasana. It's doable, I see it. I'm very optimistic. 


Anna said...

Almost there!

Ursula Preiss said...

Almost!!!! hahah

The arms need to be parallel and the elbows need to be on the floor.
I guess only 2 more years. This would be great.

I keep you informed. :)