Sunday, February 10, 2013

80/20 rule

It was a good session. I focused on those 20% asanas that needed more attention, more work to improve. And I gave them 80% of the available time. I'm in peace with back bending again. To progress slowly makes it easier for me. I need more preparation asanas for kapotasana when I want to improve. I know so many back bending asanas, they are all good. Urdhva dhanurasana at the end seemed to be easy. The counterpose  paschimottanasana was difficult and this told me that I practiced intensively only that I didn't felt so.

I also had more time as I would have had when I went to a led primary class: no commuting and a shorter practice. It could be that I progress faster with the strategy to focus on back bending for a while. And 3 times a week I'll go again to a Mysore class, where I practice most of the time full second series. To get back to primary on Friday would be OK for me, too.
I'll test my strategy for a months or two.

Tonight "Homeland" is on the entertainment list.

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