Thursday, January 10, 2013


I didn't nap, I didn't dawdle, I enjoyed the day. Some things got done, others not. This morning I made again a decision: what is the one and only activity that I want to have done tonight. It's not yet done, but it will get done this evening.

Ashtanga yoga will never become addicting. It's easier not to practice than to practice and this will remain so. I cannot imagine something else.
Routines help to make it easier to start and to keep going. I'm glad to know so many tricks that lead me to a practice.
A certain amount of energy is always necessary.

The pressure to do duties off the mat was stronger than my inner push to practice every day of the still young year. 3 days off is still OK and tomorrow I'll go to a Mysore class. At 10am. This should be possible. Once a yogini told me: "I must steal the time for yoga." I understood at once what she meant.
One must be creative and stubborn to manage it to do this practice, I'd like to add.

Beside technique questions how to perform the asanas, the challenge to do the daily practice remains an ongoing topic, too. At least for me. Can I not finally solve this problem and stick to my plans, I wonder. I know people who are like this. In my case I must say I'm stiff by nature and I got relatively flexible. Perhaps (I don't know for sure) I'm also lazy by nature, yet I get me going. Every day. Finally doing things is more satisfying than consuming only.

Three more actions, I want to cross out on my to do list before midnight. I can do them all on the PC. Time to do them.

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