Monday, January 14, 2013

The vegan cooking class

I so wanted to know how the mango tart is made. It's the dessert that I always order when I eat at yam vegan deli. E offered a cooking class on Sunday and I had to go.

Now I know the secret of this dessert. The basis is yogurt which surprised me. Dried mangoes are used. This surprised me, too.

Beside learning how to prepare this dessert, we learned how to cut vegetables. We had huge knifes and how sharp they were. If one cooks vegan only one knife is required. I consider to buy one. The one I have at home might still be too small.

We prepared fennel in white wine sauce, oven roasted parsnig, a buckwheat salad, gremolata and thai spiced humus. Wow.

To be an experienced chef means not to be able to follow step by step a recipe, but to be able to cook by oneself.

Most recipes that one can find in cooking books were never tested. Exotic ingredients are used that one cannot find, not even in organic shops. Sometimes it takes hours to prepare a meal.
One must learn to cook, not to follow recipes only.

To prepare delicious recipes needn't to be complicated. If one wants to eat healthy one must know how to cook.

More cooking classes will be offered, it's definitely worth going. The cooking class made me more self-confident to be creative in the kitchen.


Yes, yes, yes, I practiced yesterday second series till yoga nidrasana. With the same attitude like yesterday I'll step on the mat today, too: I'll take it easy.

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