Friday, January 25, 2013

The map of the world is not the world.

The map of the world is not the world, I learned when I attended a NLP (neurolinguistic programming) workshop. It was mainly about communication with others and with oneself, it was about motivation and how to influence the thinking. The title of this blog post was a core sentence.
This sentence can change the view of the world. Views, thoughts, opinions are just the map. Another person has another map (Hahaha, I wrote mat. My mind is infected by yoga). Truth is something else.

The Advaita philosophy says the same with other words: Consciousness is all there is.

More is not necessary to know in order to sail relaxed through life. It helps to be entertained. It integrates humor into life because one sees that everything is a story and everybody has a different one. Our thoughts are like a guide that might be absolutely wrong, it might be genius as well, yet it's a guide, a map, not the absolute truth.

Life is a game. It's great cinema.

Marichyasana A can be seen on the pictures above: 
Oh oh oh, what do I see. On the one picture are my fingers are stretched. They are supposed to be together. The pose is OK, yet I can still go deeper and stretch my upper body forward. The shoulders are even. The foot position is correct, too. The outer side of the foot is in line with the body.

This morning I went to a Mysore class. I practiced second series. Next week I begin to add the third series asanas again. This first week of Mysore classes I wanted to get stronger. How I enjoy the practice. I'm in a permanent high when I practice yoga.

Then I ran home, ate a sandwich and ran to my friend. In a week her baby is expected. We both must hurry now if we want some pictures with her baby belly. Not that the little one is faster than we. :)
One pleasure chases the next.

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