Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Second series today

I postponed everything to a later time. Updating my driver's license to my new name can wait. Everything else, too.

Oh, oh, the night was sleepless. To get up at 6am was impossible. E consoled me: You don't have to get up. Seducing words and I remained in bed. Now I feel well-rested.

Shall it be a minimalistic day today: Ashtanga yoga and preparing a dinner. I want to try out the lentil salad with mushrooms that I found in one of my vegan cooking books. If other activities happen it's fine, if not, it's fine, too.

On the picture is bhuja pidasana, an asana from primary series. I put the chin on the floor now, it's considered a bit more advanced than putting the front on the floor. The balancing becomes more challenging. This pose can prepare for the third series asanas. There are a lot of arm balancing asanas in third series, in primary we can start preparing ourselves for them.

What shall be my focus today? Back bending. It must be back bending.

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