Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Searchers, such and such

I know some spiritual searchers. They search and search and search and find, yet what they find doesn't seem to satisfy in the long run. Then they search again. Searching can be exciting, it can even lead to trips to other countries. One can enjoy the company of other searchers.
My "spiritual search" lasted not long. I soon found and this was it. Advaita is my home here. Ramesh Balsekar is the one who opened my eyes through his books. So happy that I could see him once in Mumbai. Yet this was the end of my search. I don't even read any books anymore to that topic.

I know people who search there whole life for the perfect partner and never find. The next one please, the next one please, all lovers are so unacceptable, that the search goes on and on. The search criteria might be not really helpful, the own character difficult, whatever it is, the search for a partner that fits goes on and on and on.

Others search the right diet. They become weight watchers. Then they try the sunshine diet or whatever the market offers. Also here I've found my life style. Since I'm 20 years old I'm a vegetarian and since a few years vegan (as good as I can be here).
I also found Ashtanga yoga for myself, for my body, the mind and the soul.

Yet, me too, I'm a searcher. I hope not for the rest of my life. I search for an occupation where I'm so good at that others like to pay for my services or goods. Good to know that I know what I don't want anymore. To get back to a 9 to 5 job would be a horror for me. I read one book after the other about people who have left the company life and who have created something new for themselves. This shall motivate me again and again to see rather possibilities than failure. I also don't want to be a yoga teacher.
I love to write, I love to take pictures, yet I doubt and doubt if I'll be that good at it one day that people pay for it. Perhaps I should ask myself every evening: What tiny step have I done in that direction. If I do 300 tiny steps this year, perhaps I'm a finder here, too.


Dan Chen said...

Thank you for your perspective on searching. Ultimately what drives each of us is ego; when we're caught in the endless "next thing," we are unbalanced--and aren't we all? Some of us are fortunate to have found the gratifying difficult work of, e.g., yoga and/or meditation, or a particular tradition that resonates so strongly that we recognize its importance and vitality and so lessen the priorities of everything else.

May we all come out more compassionate, more lovingly kind, more sympathetically joyful, more equanimous.

Ursula Preiss said...

The aspect of the Ego is interesting. Our ego is searching surely, it wants to be someone. But who are we????

Thanks for your comment, it is very profound.

OmCities said...

Beautiful post. Searching without end can be frustrating (and let's be honest, exciting). We're all searching for something, isn't it really the definition of life?