Friday, January 11, 2013

Queen of the night

We don't like to fly or to dive, we also don't like to fall. We mistrust each adventure. No sports, please. Also riding a horse is nothing for us.

We love to eat and to drink. Yesterday I went through a little book, a wedding present that represents a voucher. Among different events we can make a choice. Quickly I went to the "dining and drinking" pages.
Let me share what is offered, it's so sophisticated, I laughed:
1. Ayurvedic cooking class
2. Brewing seminar
3. Candle-light-dinner Deluxe
4. Champagne and Co.
5. Cocktail workshop
6. The perfect Espresso
7. Dinner in the dark
8. Dinner with a thriller in a castle
10. Dinner in an underground mining (only for those who are not claustrophebe)
11. Erotic-food-cooking-class (I would have missed this)
12. Insect cooking class (No, please not!)
13. Concert dinner in the castle Charlottenburg (Berlin)
14. Concert dinner in the castle Nymphenburg (Munich)
15. Lying dinner
16. Mozart concert dinner
17. Sushi class
18. Bavarian veal sausage seminar
19. Whisky-tasting.

The choice was easy. I called E: Do you like the "Queen of the night?" He is not so into classic music, so I had to sell the trip to Salzburg, Austria: Mozart arias with a dinner, this pleases me.

What made me happy was that almost always a vegetarian meal could be ordered, too. This was not so a decade ago. We vegetarians and vegans have done so much food work already.
Yesterday I stopped at an Italian espresso bar. I hesitated to enter  as I needed something with substance not only water. It was cold outside so I got in and asked: "Do you have a cappuccino with soy milk?" They had it. The Italians here offer already cappuccino with soy milk. This makes me happy.

Every voice counts. Every day. It's a crime what happens with our animals. We must become more, much much more.
Yesterday I read the shocking news that in average every German eats 60 kg (132 pounds) meat every year. All the milky meals are not counted. This alone explains why half of the population has weight issues.

Much has been done already, much more needs to be done.

I will go on asking in restaurants for vegan alternatives. With my sweetest smile and I can be super sweet I'll ask again and again: Can I have the cappuccino with soy milk, please. :) If not, I'll propose to have it next time.

I slept in. I cannot remember to have heard the alarm clock. I missed the Ashtanga class. Did I really need 10 hours of sleep? It is as it is. No time to lose worrying about the past. Here I am. I feel ready. NOW.

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