Monday, January 07, 2013


Kino asked today on facebook how we'd describe the first week in on one word: "I'm not yet so into it", came into my mind. Not that nothing happens here, yet I've not yet found a rhythm. I'm still busy with my new identity. I go through my past email account and delete so many stored emails. I delete blogs that I don't feed anymore. Yesterday I was rather happy because I found out how to merge the Google+ accounts. Not all my networking activities are lost.

I realize there is the discipline to start something, but also the discipline to finish something. 
These online activities are as greedy as my yoga practice. They can use up an entire day. Enough is enough. To work every day 1 hour on updating everything should be enough. Greedy are also chores. Reading can steal a day, too.

It's grey outside. The picture on this blog is from last year, it fits to the day today. It's rainy here and grey.
The heater is on, the mat is waiting. I'm sitting here with yoga clothes on. No matter how long I practice, important is to start and to do anything. I also feel ready for this.

The to do lists are long. I've a lot of activities that have to be done (like getting a new passport) and others that I want to do (like studying French again). Time to begin, second series.

At the end of the second week of 2013 I'd like to think: I'm so into it.

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