Thursday, January 03, 2013

No yoga, no post?

The new year has started with speed.

I try to remember what happened today. I do remember that I was busy all the time. No napping, no dawdling, nothing.
I need a new passport. The picture taken last year by photographers who took passport pictures like others sell bread, was lousy. A passport lives 10 years. This requires a picture that I like. I googled how such a picture has to look like and tried my best to create something beautifully. It took me hours, yet now I have something that I like. I feel like an expert at taking passport pictures.

Chores (limited to 1 hour), writing my journal, correspondence, this and that and it's evening.
Nothing worse than boredom. So all is good.

The recommendation of the old yogis to practice yoga in the morning has many reasons:
1. In India it often gets too hot after sun rise, so it's better to practice earlier.
2. The body and mind are well-rested and calm during the first hours of the day.
3. The stomach and bowels are empty.
4. Also the environment is still not so hectic for such a concentrated work.
5. AND, it's more likely that one practices yoga if it's done in the morning than if another time is scheduled.

Tomorrow primary is planned. Tomorrow yoga has again priority.

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