Sunday, January 13, 2013

No excuses anymore

It's still early and Sunday a new yoga week begins with secons series. This is the schedule.

Oh, I want to complain a bit before I step on the mat. I fear to start practicing Ashtanga yoga after a few days of no practice. I fear to get injured and I fear to have a lousy practice. Much effort and bad results is what I expect. It can be that some of the poses won't be possible, which would frustrate me. My current weight won't support the practice either.
All this are reasons to practice no matter how hard it will be. There is the option to take it easy!

On time: I consider not to practice on moon days. Hahaha. Yes, Not because I think that the moon has an influence on the performance of my practice. I need more time for my other activities. When I had a full-time job I got up at 5am to practice, yet my practice was a low-energy practice and lasted often 30 min. This was absolutely OK, but nowadays my practice lasts minimum 2 hours without showering, blogging, commuting, ralaxing, pranayama and meditation. P. Jois stopped teaching on Saturdays because his family wanted to spend time with him. Teaching Ashtanga yoga has used up all his time, too. Sometimes I need more time to get things done. I don't want to have stress because of yoga. It's amazing how prolific I can be when I don't practice.

What motivates me to practice:
1. Yesterday Helmut Berger, the actor, left the Australian jungle camp ("I'm a star get me out of here" is broadcasted.) He is almost 69 years old, yet how he walked away from his bed, how he sat around showed how his body became a burden with age and with an unhealthy life style. This needn't to be so. Such images tell me that I HAVE to practice, if I want to enjoy life till the end.
2. Friends from the US were here yesterday. We picked them up at the art hotel. I saw this little statue at the entrance hall (see picture above) and I loved it at first sight. I WANT to practice because I love to put my body in asanas. I'm in love with the from.

To start modest makes sense: I'll practice slowly with attention today. No wrong ambition, this could be dangerous. I don't want to be awfully overstretched tomorrow, a little bit overstretched is OK. Hahaha....


Anna said...

Good morning from a rainy Lisbon! Enjoying this city. I recall that you liked it too.
Has something changed to make you feel anxious about your daily practice? You seem a little concerned about it...
Mozart in Salzburg sounds wonderful.

Ursula Preiss said...

Lisbon is the most romantic city in Europe. Even yesterday I recommended it.

The asanas that I practice these days are advanced and require a daily practice. 3 days off makes me stiff faster than ever. That's it. I get back to it and soon the Mysore classes start again. No worries.

Enjoy Lisbon. My tip. Eat out late. The locals have dinner at 11pm.

Anna said...

Ursula - how did you manage to stay vegan and slim in Lisbon?! (Meat and pastries abound haha)

Ursula Preiss said...

Portugal is a meat and fish eating country. I always discuss my meal.

To stay vegan with a starter, a salad is possible. Then I ordered potatoes and vegetables and was often positively surprised.