Sunday, January 20, 2013

Moon sequence by M. Sweeney.

Yesterday was Saturday and it's my Ashtanga yoga free day these days. Also when I haven't practiced every day of the week, on Saturdays most of my energy is given to other activities. I stick to the recommendation: Don't try to catch up, jump in where you are.

If I do yoga, the Saturdays are for the moon sequence for instance or for pranayama and meditation. 
It was a goal 2012 to learn the moon sequence by M. Sweeney. I trust him that the moon series, created by him  supports  the Ashtanga series. He is an Ashtangi himself. The series doesn't exhaust me like an Ashtanga yoga practice, yet it's challenging. There are no vinyasas, this makes it easier. And this is what I did yesterday, the moon sequence.

I also set a timer. I wanted to hold the asanas 1 min. This felt good and it was long enough to get deeper and deeper into the asanas. The entire series was too much. I feared to overdo. What I wanted to avoid was to get overstretched before the Mysore classes start again. I checked my body this morning, yet my hamstrings don't complain. How good.

Today second Ashtanga series is on the schedule. Nothing else. I'm ready, mentally. I know my body will feel good afterwards.

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