Saturday, January 26, 2013

Marichyasana B

Also 2013 I'll take pictures of all the asanas that I practice. It shows me the way. A picture says always more than thousand words. Seeing myself on a picture in a yoga pose motivates me to practice. I'm amazed what is possible with a body, with my body.

Today is my Ashtanga yoga free day. I want to do the moon sequence by M. Sweeney. It's softer and not so exhausting. It supports my Ashtanga yoga practice. And tomorrow I can go again to a led class. The yoga season has started, I'm happy.

Dristi is the nose in marichyasana B. The shoulders shall be in line. Also this pose is about the hip flexibility. The arms can serve as a lever to keep the chest open. It's a pose that I love. I can relax totally when I do this pose. So it shall be.

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