Saturday, January 05, 2013

Life, a jungle

Life became a jungle in the Western world. There is too much of everything. One has to sort out again and again what is important and what not. If life shall be light-hearted, a joy, one must get rid of unused stuff, fearful thoughts, bad habits, electronic that there is room for living.

Saturday is my day off from yoga.
Yesterday I practiced till paschimottanasana. Then I got hungry, hahaha.....I stopped my practice and went to the vegan deli round the corner. The start of my yoga practice might have been been a bit late. Yesterday is over. I don't practice primary today because my practice yesterday was incomplete. I let go. Today is Saturday and my day off. The past is over. Tomorrow, on Sunday second series is on my schedule, no later than 10am. That's the plan now.
A day without a yoga practice gives me the feeling of having time.

Re computers there are PCs and apples. If you have an apple you belong to a religious movement.
If you practice yoga there is yoga (all sorts of it) and Ashtanga yoga. If you practice Ashtanga yoga for a while you belong to a cult. It's a life style, a demanding one. One must love it. I do. Beside the practice, I'm challenged to keep life simple to keep up with the practice.

Yesterday I read another chapter in the book "Getting more done: 10 steps for outperforming busy people" by Chris Crouch. My interest in how others organize their lives doesn't stop. The chapter was about Emails. His tip is to empty the inbox as fast as possible. To have a full inbox often comes with stress. I don't know why I keep mails or newsletters. Either I want to read them or I have to delete them. Sometimes I'm just sloppy and keep them without a reason, but emails add up fast. I created labels "to read", "to keep", "to act" with an "@" in front of it so that these labels appear on top. When I have no time to read a subscription, it has to go. If it seems to be very important I can move it to the "to read label". This helps to keep my inbox clean. Soon another Email/subscription/notice will fly into my inbox. There are so many diligent people out there. Hahaha.We don't lack information anymore, we have too much of it. I enjoy this all, yet it must be managed wisely so that it's now overwhelming.

Time to cook.

Thank you to M for this wonderful picture.

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