Tuesday, January 22, 2013

I'm also my own coach.

I wonder from time to time how to progress faster. Perhaps I can manage it to learn kapotasana not in 10 years, but in 5. I'm working on it already 3 years. I really fight for every mm. I also experience setbacks.
- The time that I work on this asana during my practice is short. Lately I added back bending poses that I know. It's supportive. Also mentally back bending gets easier that way.
- I can use my timer to hold the poses longer.
- After kapotasana I could practice urdhva dhanurasana as well. The more back bending I do, the better

There is something else I want to change. I usually differentiate between "mistakes" one can avoid and such one cannot:
- For instance someone might not be able to reach the toes with the hands when practicing kapotasana.
- Yet if someone knows that the outer feet is in line with the body in marichyasana A, it's doable for everybody. Those who pose the foot close to the stretched leg, don't know how to do it correctly, that's all.

I try to avoid all the mistakes I can avoid. Watching You-tube videos of advanced yoginis helps me here a lot.
Now it comes: I think it should be possible to stay on my mat for 2 hours also at home. I'm able to do it in a group setting, why not at home. My PC is the big distraction, it's so seductive to check Emails during my practice. So when I think I need a break when I practice at home, I want to go in child's pose till I feel ready again to move on. Yoga is about concentration. If I feel like not being able to go on, I'll do the closing sequence.
There will be still enough practices with interruptions. This is so when I plan to take pictures or little movies. They help a lot. I'll keep taking pictures. Of course. Also when the practice is spoilt then.

Time to practice, I feel ready. Second series with focus on back bending is on the schedule, nothing else.

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