Monday, January 28, 2013

I like Mondays

I knew that it wouldn't be easy today. Yesterday evening I've been at a led class. To have only one night between 2 Ashtanga yoga practices is intensive. Often the morning practice is a bit weaker. So it was today. We slept too long. I haven't heard the alarm clock. Then the mood was rather to stay at home. That I left my home to go to a Mysore class was the best I could do. Every practice is better than no practice.

I had insights. I know about the advantages of focus. Back bending must be my focus. What can I do to motivate myself to do some extras here. This is necessary when I want to progress. A glorious idea came into my mind: I'll create an album of back bending asanas that can support the classic back bending asanas in the Ashtanga series.

The weight, the weight..........again and again this blues. I love daily life. I'll prepare my own meals again. Only once a week we eat out these days, which is good. I always lose weight when I cook. I use spices to make a meal tasty and not fat and oil like the chefs in restaurants do. 2 kilos less would make my practice so much easier. I work on this.

After Mysore class I had to hurry to be on time to get my new passport. This is done now and I like this new pass as it's smaller than the old one. I mailed a letter, I did grocery shopping, I ate, I did chores for 25 min and now it's 2pm. I'm not yet showered. Finally it's good that I'm so busy. This makes life interesting.

The visual of today is a contribution by M. Thank you! :)

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