Saturday, January 19, 2013

I am....

- stiff by nature
- not strong by nature
- and also not really disciplined.

This all needn't to be a disadvantage. In my case I'd say it was even an advantage.
I studied the methods, the tools how to become strong and flexible. I had to learn the basics and I had to refine them. I learned how to learn. I studied the anatomy of the body, the asanas. I found role models online, yet I also must practiced the insights.

I know that a daily practice can do miracles. It made me strong and flexible. This body work improved my practice, not my talent.
I have a list of tricks that brings me on the mat on those days where it's difficult. I know what keeps me going. For instance it helps me a lot when I have M. Sweeney's book next to me on my sofa. Only one more line of asanas I think and this seems to be doable. I see when half of the middle part of a series is done. The rest is doable, too, I usually think then. It's helpful to study oneself. What keeps you going? is a good question.

And sometimes laziness is good, too.
During my last practice I had the feeling as if my practice has changed. I'm more concentrated than I used to be. The breath became even more important. I'm no more in a hurry to do the next asanas. I fully exhale and take a pause before I move on.

Breaks can be supportive. Sometimes they can also show how important it is to find time to practice.
I realized that it's so much more easier to practice in the morning than in the afternoon or evening, even though the body is more flexible at a later hour of the day. So many tasks and duties and distractions wait every day, the mind is no more so calm and relaxed like at le't say 8am. The old yogis knew this, too.
Finally this is a goal: being focused on the current moment, the breath, the bandhas, the dristis. Being cool, being relaxed, experiencing joy because of the next deep breath. No, this is not boring at all. It's satisfying.


denise said...

Great post Ursula, thank you!

Ursula Preiss said...

Thank you for reading, denise.