Friday, January 18, 2013

Done and happy

Yeah, yeah, yeah, primary is done.
Before 10am I was on my mat. The mornings are the best time to practice, I thought. The stomach is empty, I'm still fresh. My practice took a bit more than 2 hours, which is much. I took few breaks. Nevertheless it adds up. Music was on to make it easy to keep going.
I got stiff and weak, but I'm back. I even dropped back and I didn't fall on my head.

Wow, I was content with myself at the end. I deserved a bath.

Tomorrow I'd like to practice the moon sequence by Sweeney. It's so much easier to practice daily than here and then.

Today was not the day to analyse the weaknesses of my practice.
Today it was important to do it. Just this.
Each and every asana was possible.
During the practices to come I can work on "perfection".

Oh, what a beautiful day. This practice, even when it's not the best ever, makes me optimistic.


mumbledjumbles said...

How interesting that I'm feeling a similar way you, and then I discover this blog. I'm happy to hear you had a good practice. I was fairly sad for whatever reason but felt calm and more positive when I was done.

Ursula Preiss said...

I never ever have regretted a practice. One feels better afterwards, this is so.

Peace of mind