Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Day 16 already

So far the new year was dominated by bureaucracy and entertainment.

- That I changed my name comes with a lot of work. Good that I have realized this so late. It wouldn't have changed my opinion. Yet I'm surprised how much is to do in that matter. I'm not yet through. I need a new driver's licence. The bank forgot to renew my credit card. Too many subscriptions still go to my old Email-address. Another bank doesn't accept the marriage certificate as a prove that one is married, they want to have a copy of the passport which is not yet ready. It lasts about 6 weeks till one can get a new one.

- Yesterday I've been at the National Theatre with a friend. They showed the opera Lucrezia Borgia. When I arrived fans stood already in front of the building with a sign in the hands: ticket wanted. It has been fully booked. My friend G has invited me, she has one of the subscriptions that is inherited from generation to generation. G has her favorite drinks there. Before the show we had Champagne with orange juice. During the break she usually drinks "gespritzen Aperol". I joined her here, too. Hahaha....we all have our routines. The opera was fantastic, I loved it from start to the end. Not only me. Bravos at the end. The spectators tramped with the feet on the floor out of enthusiasm. One man had bought a bunch of flowers and threw it on the stage. The blooms flew in all directions.

My yoga practice is neglected. Out of only 52 weeks of a year I've missed 2 weeks already, I think. A few practices happened, but not enough, I think.
Why not taking it easy?
Next week the Mysore classes begin again and this will change my structure of the day again. Then yoga comes first. Nothing is lost.

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