Thursday, January 31, 2013


Yesterday night I watched TV, a talk show. I realized that the participants couldn't concentrate at all. They jumped from one topic to the next, even though it was crystal clear what they should discuss. Yet thoughts arised, and quickly they were expressed. Perhaps the talker weren't prepared good enough, this can be. Yet my feeling is they simply couldn't  concentrate that long. (There were 2 exceptions in the group). To focus requires energy. I admit 60 min is a long time.

Why shall one concentrate at all? To discuss a topic is not a brainstorming session. If one wants to get results or even if one wants to discuss with each other focus is necessary. Otherwise one sentence stands next to the other without any connection without any sense.

An Ashtanga yoga session lasts 2 hours. We exercise to focus that long. This trains us for many other activities, too. Concentration is necessary if one wants to learn a language, if one wants to write a letter, it's necessary for anything. I have my 25 min units of concentration and then I have the Ashtanga yoga that challenges me to stay focused for 2 hours. Ashtanga yoga is also a mental exercise!

During my practice I gaze at a dristi, I listen to the breath. There is not much distraction.

This differentiates an Ashtanga yoga session to other yoga classes. Distraction is part of many yoga styles: there is music, the teachers explain poses and lead through the class. If one hasn't understand anything one can look around.

Oh, it's so easy to jump now to the next topic. So many thoughts are available. Yet I focus. Concentration was the topic of this post. The end.

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