Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Ardha baddha padma paschimottanasana

1. Dristi is the foot here, too. In the first picture my chin stretches forward, a tiny bit at least. On the second picture I cannot see that I look TOWARDS the foot. When the chin stretches forward the whole pose changes. It has an influence of the upper body, it opens the chest.
2. The position of the foot got better. The sole of the foot is supposed to be parallel to the wall. It's easier to do this if one engages the leg muscles, comme il faut.
3. The shoulders shall be parallel. This is what one has to know so that one can work towards this goal.
4. These days I put the foot higher on the leg than I used to do. This helps for asanas to come. The last pose of second series requires that one roles back while holding the toe. One has to role over the arm. If one is able to have the foot rather high on the leg and if one manages to have the shoulders parallel one doesn't role over the elbow, which is painful. Then one roles over the lower arm.

If one practices the poses of primary correctly, one can really practice the basis that are needed again and again in the series to come. Since I exercise second series, too, my understanding of the poses deepened.


I practiced second series yesterday at home. I did a lot of additional back banding exercises. After the standing asanas I added side splits, upavishta konasana and supta parsvasahita. These are my weak asanas in primary. It's about the flexibility of the hips. This in mind betters the asanas.


Yesterday  night we watched TV: I'm a celebrity get me out of here. After that, Desirée Nick was in a talk show. As I'm a fan of this smart and elegant woman I had to watch this, too. At 1am I was in bed. When I saw how late it was I knew that I won't get up in the morning to be on time for the Mysore class. I enjoy the luxury that I don't have to do anything. I can give myself all the sleep that I need.

Home practice today. No time is to lose. I friend will come for lunch.

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