Thursday, January 17, 2013

A possible to do list

To do:
1. Journaling, yoga - primary
2. Reading (I read every day), studying French
3. Chores (focus bathroom)

At 3pm I have an appointment at my hand and foot expert: She'll care for my feet. Pedicure today. I thought I know everything about nails, yet this is not true. This woman changed my grooming habits re my hands. Will she change my grooming habits re my feet, too?
(With a towel I push back the nail skin after bathing after my first manicure with her. I don't clean my nails with a nail file anymore, but with a brush. It's softer and that way one doesn't injure the skin under the nail.) (As if I have no other issues but my nails.)

4. taking pictures (I'm behind my project "every day a portrait for a year)

What not to do:
- I postpone to go to the authorities for a new drivers licence. This can wait. It's snowy outside.

It's already much on my to do list. It's so much that I know I've to start at once.

My days end watching: I'm a celebrity, get me out of here. My enthusiasm of the first seires is gone. Perhaps because I don't know the people and the format is known. I was curious about Helmut Berger, but he's out already due to health reasons.

Primary today: I'll practice slowly. This makes it easier. What am I glad when the Mysore classes start next week. I need them.


Anna said...

Love this post, Ursula - I can relate to all your time management interests. Thank you for the tips on hands - I would love to find a manicurist who is focused on hand health rather than on toxic nail varnish etc.

This week my feet are taking me all over Portugal's lovely landscapes!

Bon Dia!

Ursula Preiss said...

Thank you, Anna.

It's planned to ask other people how they manage their time. I got curious if I'm alone with the feeling not having enough time.

This manicure/pedicure woman is create. Healthy nails are her focus.

Enjoy Portugal.

Anna said...

First of all you need to think of your yoga as a part-time job and just block out that time - after, all, if you were in an office, you could not be doing any personal tasks - they would all have to wait until you had finished your work.

Ursula Preiss said...

Thank you, Anna, I think this is a good approach. And let's face it. My Ashtanga yoga practice is like a part-time job. It is that time-consuming. I mean this in a positive way, yet one must find a way to get the other things done, too.

I'll block the time. I'm ready for a primary tomorrow.

I hope you still enjoy Portugal.


Anna said...

Ursula - it's been raining very hard and there have been high winds here in Portugal! Trees were down on the motorway. But we have survived and and hope the weather gets better by the time we get to Porto (on Tuesday). One good thing is that Portugal is warmer than England in January!