Wednesday, January 09, 2013

A minimalistic day

A minimalistic day, what is this?
It's a day with one and only one action on the to do list. I've the idea from the minimalists.  The idea alone makes me smile. It creates relief. And as it is, usually one accomplishes more. My one thing yesterday was to get to the authorities for a new passport. As usual also this activity took longer as I thought. This is a rule: Everything takes longer as one thinks it will. Hahaha.....
They checked my picture before I got a number to know when it will be my turn. It was not sure if the PC would accept the picture. The required picture has to show the face only with a very small rim around it. I am glad that I took my pictures myself. 10 years I will have a passport and one shall like to show it. The result of a photo studio was not convincing.  It has been a photographic learning experience to create a picture according to the requirements, indeed. Oh and the PC accepted my picture.

My drivers's licence must be updated as well. These autorities are somewhere else. I had enough yesterday with all this bureaucracy. Today I feel refreshed again.

There are "must do" and "want do" activities on my daily list that serves as a guide through the day. Must do activities have priority. "Done" I could think when it was almost lunch time. One thing is done and I enjoyed my minimalistic day.

Afterwards I picked up a book at the post office. A second "must do" item was done then.

25 min are over. Enough is written. Life off the mat requires attention, too.
I want to move on. Today yoga is on the list!!!!! Second series.

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