Monday, January 07, 2013

A good start to say the least

2 hours of Ashtanga yoga and I'm happy. Yes, yes, yes, more than 2 hours I didn't like to practice. Second series was on the schedule and I practiced every asana. I did some additional asanas after kapotasana. Back bending shall improve. Back bending is my weakness. I'm optimistic. Kapotasana is possible for me, I only don't know why. It will last longer than I thought, yet this is always so.

Tomorrow I want to merge the third series asanas. It's not possible to add them at the end. I'm too exhausted then. I speak of the body and the mind here.

I deserved a bath afterwards. Food was left from my weekend dinners. I heated it and was happy with it. Vegetable in coconut sauce, spicy, it was a perfect meal with the chocolate soy pudding at the end.

With all the 3rd series asanas I'll give me 2 and a half hours tomorrow, but no more. The diva Ashtanga yoga must be tamed. I have other interests, too, my photography i.e..

Amazing how my mood went up. I'm singing 2 octaves higher now, after the work is done.


Quentin said...

Lady in yoga class today gave me German Chocolate, having just returned from visiting relatives there. Sinfully delicious!

Ursula Preiss said...

Enjoy, it's one of the harmless joys.

SHERPA said...

You are my inspiration! I just started yoga practice 2 months ago, and i definately see improvement...But i am not ready for daY!

Ursula Preiss said...

Enjoy the enthusiasm each beginning has.

In the beginning progress comes fast, but the plateau will come. Keep practicing. :)