Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Two days no asana practice

I'm so glad that I can go to a Mysore class tomorrow. I only have to get up early and I have to leave my home on time. Then the movie keeps going. Subway, walking to the shala, changing clothes, rolling out the mat, inhaling and the first surya namaskara initiates the practice.

A yogini once told me: I steal this time for the Mysore class.
Sometimes one must rob the time.

There are so many distractions and activities that need to be done. It's like weed. To focus also means to neglect or to omit other not so important activities. Not always this is doable or wished.

Sharat still gets up at 1am to practice. It is possible to practice daily.
I had my 2 days off and it's OK, because things got done and this relaxes me, too.

Tomorrow will be my last Mysore class for this year. 

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