Tuesday, December 11, 2012

To live is time-consuming

Whatever I do, it is time-consuming.

My Ashtanga yoga-practice is time-consuming with minumum 2 hours every day, rather more.
Blogging is time-consuming, too. Cummuting to the shala is time-consuming.
The daily chores are time-consuming.
Reading a book from page first to the end is time-consuming.

If everything is time-consuming, the entire life is time-consuming. This made me laugh yesterday.

Time to step on my mat for my time-consuming practice, hahaha........
Today is my focus the third series.  


Anna said...

Yes, so true: life is time-consuming! Haha.

Ursula said...


Allen Jackson said...

Yes life is time consuming.

Sreda zaela said...

I just found your blog - lol I too can really relate to this sentiment.