Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Third series is hard

However I turn it, it's hard. When I add the third series asana after second series I'm exhausted already. When I start third series after the standing sequence the body is not yet so flexible.

Yesterday night I watched YouTube videos. I saw how to enter into the pose on the pictures. It's Astavakrasana BTW. Sometimes to know how to get into an asana is what one has to know.

Getting into Astavakrasana has 4 steps:
1. Taking one leg behind the shoulder. The leg is bent.
2. Then one puts the ankle of the other leg on the ankle of the leg behind the shoulder.
3. Then one stretches the legs, hooked as they are
4. One moves forward, till the weight is on the hands.

I played today, I tried this pose and that and I found out: Patience is necessary if I want to learn all the poses of third series. The poses look easy, but not a single pose is easy. I have it hard, but I don't care, because I have perseverance.

I sweated. This was a sign that I put energy in my practice.
Taking pictures spoils a practice, but it also motivates. I don't know how long I practiced. The moment came when I had enough. The level was too high. I stretched and stretched and I got modest. These poses can only be mastered step by step. There is no shortcut for me, which is absolutely OK. Ashtanga yoga is also a mental exercise. To think, it's possible is the first mental step to master any asana.
This was it for today. It counts as a practice even though it had a lot of free style elements.


Quentin said...

Astavakrasana is easy for me, but the 3rd series is not possible due to muscle imbalances and not enough strength and balance due to past knee injuries and surgeries.

Ursula said...

I agree, it's one of the easier asanas, even though it looks rather adventourous. One must know how to get into the pose. I think I remember a picture of you doing the pose.

One can feel it: third series is a step further, for sure.

V said...

The entry and the exit from Astavakrasana A are from tripod headstand. Not that easy at all.

Ursula said...

I think you meant Astavakrasana B.
It is very challenging. The vinyasa can make a difference.

V said...

No, I meant Astavakrasana A. For Astavakrasana B, you jump into it from down dog directly.

Ursula said...

Oh thank you. Then I've found a third version to get into that pose, the easiest ones.

Then both vinyasas are challenging.

Allen Jackson said...

Really it's challenging.It's a different step.

George Russell said...

It look easy,but when I tried this pose I found its not that easy to do. I agree with you that Patience is necessary to learn all poses. learning about yoga

nirja acharya said...

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Ozie Hensler said...

Patience is definitely necessary if we want to achieve our goal in yoga! Not everyone can do the poses perfectly, after all, but with enough effort, they'll still be able to make the pose work for them. Sometimes it's not about making it look like the pictures, but if you're doing it right so that it is effective.

- Ozie Hensler