Thursday, December 13, 2012

The music was too loud

This morning I had difficulties to get out of the bed. At night I had taken an Aspirin already. It's a yearly ritual to accompany E to the Christmas party. I enjoy meeting the colleagues and the spouses and the interns. It's international, people come from all corners of the world. I could speak English. After the buffet there was the opportunity to dance. The music was too loud for us. The rhythm pleased more the people 3 decades younger than us. Hahaha. We sat in the other room, there it was fresh. The music was still too loud there for me, even though I had put tissue in my ears. It is said that loud music has the same effect like alcohol. So I felt this morning as if I had drunk too much which wasn't the case at all.
The cold shower was so refreshing and woke me up. The black coffee brought me to an almost normal state then. I need another one.

After 4 intensive practices in a row I'm glad that today is Thursday. Primary is on the schedule. Since I even exercise asanas of the third series I understand the asanas of primary better. The poses became easier, yet I can go deeper. Because the performance of the asanas got easier I can focus even more on the breath, dristi and the bandhas. Being able to apply these basic tools might be a choice when practicing primary, it's more and more necessary in order to being able to practice the more advanced poses to come. Knowing this makes primary interesting again.

Pictures: I took them on the way to the yoga shala. :)


Zee said...

Thank you for Jed McKenna. A month ago I was passing by book store and I saw his book. I remembered you were writing about him, a long time ago, so I bought the book. All I can tell you, he is the best author for spirituality. Thank you Sunshine.

Ursula said...

Very welcome!

Jed is very entertaining. I love how he's telling stories.

Debb said...

I read this post about the music and laugh... You know my story.. I listen to live music often (my son's rock band).. NOW, I understand why I feel the way I do the next day, it is not because I have been drinking too much...haha.. I've been listening too much! You are a great story teller, infusing your stories with humor.. Holiday love to you, dear U..

Ursula said...

This is true, Debb, lol. Scientists have found out this.

It is said that I can be entertaining. :) Hahaha...I can imagine that we laugh a lot together when we meet one day, which is out of doubt.