Tuesday, December 25, 2012

The days in 2012 are counted.

6 more days and the year is over.

The time around Christmas is a yearly routine. Every year it's the same.
On the second day after Christmas I'll get the train to the north of Germany. E will pick me up at the station tomorrow, we'll have our last glow wine or tea downtown. The next day we'll go shopping. After Christmas the shops throw out all the stuff that is not yet sold. I cannot imagine that we won't buy scarves.

The weather report doesn't predict snow. On time before New Years Eve we'll be at home. By then my plans for 2013 should be written down.

This afternoon I was out for a walk. I made it till the castle, my camera was around my neck and I took some shots. Walking around warmed me, I even started sweating on my way home when I walked up the hill where my parents live.

Now I sit here, relaxed. Not much is to say.
Once I practiced primary.
It's not ideal here for me to practice. This is also not new. A short practice is better than no practice. This in mind I hope I step on the mat again. My body needs it. My mind, too.

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