Thursday, December 06, 2012

Primary done.

I was so sure that the appointment was at 12 o'clock. Short after 11am I stood fully dressed in front of my door, ready to leave the house. Then the phone rang and I picked it up. I was told that the appointment should have been at 11am. Oh. This was obviously a misunderstanding. The woman on the phone was so professional. She was not a bit angry, but polite and she moved the appointment without an unfriendly comment. Now I get my nails done next Thursday. The first time. I always had the opinion that Ican cut my nails myself. Hahaha...but why not trying out something new from time to time.

As soon as the reciever was in the cradle,I undressed and dressed again. This time I put on my yoga clothes. Thursday, this means primary is on the schedule.

It was a good practice. All poses were possible, also this legs behind head pose supta kurmasana. The vinyasas were not better, not worse as usual. Stillstand. Not a single asana was added. It was so good to practice.

I'm sipping coffee.
I'm listening to music. I'm dancing.

Tralali tralala....

What!!!! Almost 3pm already. I must dress. I must be downtown at 4pm.

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