Monday, December 10, 2012

Mysore class

This morning I profited from the group. When I practice at home I'm more playful. I add asanas, I do more pre-exercises before the challenging ones like kapotasana and karandavasana. In a Mysore class I'm more concentrated. Breaks don't exist. I keep going. This intensifies the experience.

It was clear for me today that I wanted to do second series, nothing more. On Wednesday I can practice third series asanas again, or tomorrow, when I'll practice at home. I didn't like to exaggerate today.

This is such a luxury that we've now in Munich: 3 times a week a Mysore class and once a led class. We're led through the entire primary and not only till navasana, the boat pose. I'm very thankful for this.
The week is perfect when I practice in addition Tuesday and Thursday on my own.

It's cold here now in Germany. Our shala is very warm. It's so good. I sweated a lot today. The body was so soft at the end. Today I felt that I've progressed within the last 2 years.

The mental effects of the asanas practice are often underestimated.
1. Dristi is important. It teaches us to focus on the outside, too. Laser-like we focus on a gazing point that makes sense for an asana. In life we can also focus on something that makes sense for us.
2. To engage the bandhas is the inner work, we're strong from the inside, too.
3. We stay calm and keep the breath even when it gets tough, when we feel the discomfort when we've reached our limits when practicing asanas. Attention is now important, not avoidance. This enlarges our experiences. Focusing on an even breath is a technique to stay calm.
Having an even breath when it gets tough, having an even breath when something is easy teaches us finally peace of mind.

I wish you: Peace of mind

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