Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas

The parties chase each other. After the wedding 3 days ago, we have Christmas. My parents and E's mother were relieved when they learned that the routine will be the same like every year. I am with my parents and E will be with his mother and his brother.

Like every year we'll have Sauerkraut and potatoes with Ketchup here. My parents will have sausages with it. We'll have a glass of wine with it, a red one from South Africa. Beer would fit, too.
We have presents for each other. Quickly after the meal we'll remove the wrapping to satisfy our curiousity. This curiosity seems to be independant from age.

Then the 2 festive days follow with festive meals. Nobody will starve during the next days.

The days of the year 2012 are counted. I start making plans for the next year. But this is another post.

I wish you all a relaxed Christmas. Don't eat too much. (hahaha).


Globie said...

You don't need to worry about eating too much! I will probably turn into the fat Ashtangi by the time my arm recovers!
Merry Christmas

Ursula said...

Merry Christmas Kev.

Walk around if this is possible and be picky a bit regarding what you eat. That's all. It will make it easier to start with Ashtanga again after some time. You manage this. Thai food doesn't make fat.

Enjoy. Ursula

Unknown said...


I've recently went through a 2 month halt of all activity due to a liver virus. What I learned is that body adapts faster and way more easier than we expect. No weight gain!
As Ursula very wisely wrote, it is enough to adjust the energy input to the temporary output. One thing that is very helpful is to practice more pranayama. Aerobic comes from air/oxygen, after all. Be careful to sleep 8 hours. Sometimes we gain more weight from crazy sleeping schedules than from significant variations in our activity level. As long as your overall lean muscle mass stays there, body will manage to burn the excess. Anyhow, mindful eating does it. Body knows when more or less food is necessary.
Merry Christmas and happy Ashtanga comeback!

Globie said...

I'm walking about 10KM every day around the city. But I still need my croissant or two :-)

Anna said...

Happy Christmas and New Year, Ursula! Thanks for your calm and wise blog. Hope the changes are radical and huge - I love those sorts of changes!

Ursula said...

Thank you and thank you for reading. I intend to keep blogging in 2013 as well. I know already some wonderful events to come. So stay tuned....:)