Saturday, December 15, 2012

Let's talk about nails

This week I was at the manicure, the first time in my life. I always thought I can cut my nails by myself. Yet what I learned from this woman this week will change my grooming habits forever:

1. How to clean the nails? 
By now I used a nail file to remove the dirt under the nail. This is a no no. Why? It injures the nail bed. The skin moves back. The distance from the beginning of the nail till the white part gets shorter and shorter. This makes the fingers look shorter. It's considered as beautiful and elegant to have long fingers. With long nails one can make the fingers look longer optically. If one stops cleaning the nails so aggressively, skin and nail grow together again.
It's recommended to clean the nails with a special brush with soft hair. And let's face it, most people don't get so dirty nails on a daily basis, using a soft brush should be enough.

2. How to treat the nail skin around the nail? I remember a friend who cut this skin with a scissor. This had the effect that the skin was growing faster than ever.
I was recommended to push back the skin with a towel after showering or bathing. After showering the nails and the skin is soft and it's easy to remove the dead cells that way. This is so true and it's such a soft method.
To press not too hard and not too soft is important. On the sides one moves the towel forward.

After showering I stand in the bath tub now and do this little grooming of my nails. It doesn't last long and it has a visible effect.

3. Of course I got also creams and lotions and oils to treat my nails. Applying these oils makes a difference, too. I can see it. I got also white tea hand cream that I shall massage my hands with it till after the ankles of the hand. Even a hand mask for the night was recommended.

4. White spots on the nails. I have not many white spots on my nails, but few. "What do you think, what this is?" she asked. "It's said it's lack of some vitamins or minerals," I said. She: "The doctors still think and spread such stupidity." She looked at me and continued: "I see that you nourish well. The white spots mean that the nail dissolved from the nail bed."

5. "AAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa." I screamed. It could be heard in all the business rooms. She treated not only my nail, but also my finger with the file. She:" You must say when I hurt you. For you it's physical pain and for me it's psychological pain. We want to avoid this." Hahaha.
She also showed me how to file alone every 10 days: One puts the finger on a table, one after the other. Then one can file easier than holding the finger in the air.

6. She sold me the file. Next time I shall bring it. She only uses a file for the same person. "You don't use the tooth brush of another person, do you? With the file it's the same. It's disgusting to use one file for all clients."
This might be a good business strategy, too. Nevertheless she convinced me: hygiene is important in the nail business.

In sum this woman was enthusiastic about my nails. 
1. I think I've good nails because I eat healthy.
2. I think I've beautiful hands because I practice Ashtanga yoga. My fingers are strong, I can stretch them.
3. I don't go under the sun anymore, so I don't have any spots on my skin either.
Despite all this, I can see the difference after the treatment.

7. One more thing: I googled about nails before I started writing. Many articles on nails are about colors and forms. Which color shall the nail polish have this year to be up to date? How to file the nails, round or pointed.

This was the difference to what I've learned from this experienced manicure woman. I learned how to clean and groom my nails in a healthy way. Fashion is of second importance.

8. And what about my feet? BTW, the nail cells under the skin below the nails are very soft there. Aggressive treatment disturbs them. When these bruised cells grow out they often form a mound on the nail. Right now I have this on one of my toes. I know now the reason. I removed the nail skin with an electric nail set. This must have been too aggressive for the baby cells. I consider to treat my toe nails the same way like my finger nails.

In every yogi and yogini  is a hand and foot fetishist, isn't it?


Kaivalya said...

I learned a lot from this post. Thank you!

Ursula said...

Very welcome.

Globie said...

I think I need to visit this person, since I broke my arm my nails have grown too long and I can't cut them myself

Ursula said...

She is worth coming to Munich. :)

Globie said...

Can she do my toes as well?

I think this needs to be the first thing I do when I land in Thailand.

Ursula said...

She is specialiced in hands only. :)