Monday, December 31, 2012

Last day of the year 2012

In 2013 it's 10 years that I practice Ashtanga yoga. It was life changing for me. It made me more optimistic. My strength and flexibility increased. I dedicate a lot of time to this practice, more than ever. My studiousness even made me travel to India within the last decade.

It can be that I learn some more asanas of the third series in 2013. I feel ready for it.
This shall be doable if I maintain a daily practice. To practice daily is more important than to learn more and more asanas. And I know my weak points in primary and second series. Perfection doesn't exist. Or shall one say: imperfection is perfect.

To do anything on a daily basis is easier than to do it once or 3 times a week. Yoga can become a habit. This makes it easier to practice. The path is the goal.

Second series is on the schedule today. My body needs a practice. Will I have time? I will.
My yoga is so time-consuming that I had to learn to be organized well. My pomodoro timer came into my life. To limit an activity helps to focus and to intensify any activity. Things get done that way. It makes me productive.

Dear reader, not every yoga practice is a highlight, nevertheless I kept going. Setbacks are part of this exciting path. I'm conscious that not every blog post's contents is exciting and enlightening. I kept writing, too. Thank you very much for reading and being such a truthful reader.

We're invited tonight at 10pm. A neighbor and friend organized a midnight "Krapfen" meal. We'll be an entertaining group.

Whatever is planned. Enjoy. Till next year.


Kitharo said...

Rutscht gut rein und auf ein tolles 2013 ;) - Julian

Ursula Preiss said...

Danke dir, Julian.
Ich freu mich auf 2013.

Alles Gute dir auch.

All the best for you and much time for the things you like doing. :)

Debb said...

You are the helm of my online yoga family, dear U... I have found in pursuing a consistent yoga practice since 2007 that it can totally change your life for a woman in her 50s. I was 53 when I began. I am a much stronger and flexible person - both physically and emotionally and spiritually (whatever that is).. I love reading your blog - ALL of it.

Ursula Preiss said...

Thank you so much, dear Debb.

It makes me happy to inspire you to practice. It's a damned good thing.

PS: I'm working on the calender!!!!!
Don't give up! :)