Thursday, December 27, 2012

Creating a new identity

It is time-consuming to create a new identity. Hahaha, what is not time-consuming.

Some online pages allow to change the name easily. Some pages create a new account. It's for my own security, I know this, yet every change requires also verification. When a new account is created all the contacts are lost. To start from scratch has advantages and disadvantages.

I know people who walk through life with three different names: the one with whom they were born, the one they took when they got married and the one given by a guru, a spiritual name. For me one name is enough. After one year everybody, inclusivly myself should get used to my new name.

Facebook was easy to adjust. Yet I had to make a decision. My new name has an "ß" in it, a sharp s. Being online means being international. I changed the "ß" to "ss" as not every keyboard shows all the German letters. The correct spelling is in the passport and when I give my signature.

Email: I've now 4 email addresses. I'll keep the one at yahoo, not eveything shall be at google. With my new google address I've also a new google account. I'm still working on importing my contacts. In the long run the old address will dry out, yet I'll keep it. I won't use it anymore and I try to move my friends to the new address.

Flickr is another online account that I have. Here I've 2 accounts now, too. I'll care for both of them for a while as I've projects running.

When at home again I need a new passport. The bank, insurances must get informed.

Funny was that there were bets in my family if changed my name or not after my marriage. Oh, my brother lost a bottle of Prosecco.


Anna said...

I thought that you wouldn't!! Goodbye, Wenzel... it was good knowing you :-)

Ursula Preiss said...

There were bets in my family, if I changed my name or not.

It comes with a lot of bureaucracy, yet when this is done I only have to get used to the new name. It will take a year, I guess.