Thursday, November 08, 2012

Up, another day in San Diego

'Up' means, we both sit on the bed, our lap tops on our laps (they are made for this - see the name) and we check what's new. What has happened overnight, while we were sleeping with both eyes closed, is the big question.
We have the aroma coffee from the lobby next to us and yesterday E had bought some bananas. So we have even a healthy breakfast today, 2 bananas. One thing I've found out: Americans adore eggs (in all forms) for breakfast. I love it when I hear E saying: sunny side up.
My breakfast must be changed all the time, hahaha.....(no eggs, no spinach, no ham, no syrup, no cheese...)

Huh, I feel my back muscles. Hahaha.......this is a sign that I took my practice yesterday not too easy. I do need another coffee before anything will happen.

San Diego is a wonderful city. Downtown is in walking distance. There is the sea, best weather around the year. We've 2 more days.
I'm not yet sure how I'll feel with my flu and if I it's good to drive to Encinitas tomorrow.

Second picture is taken at the "Sun Deck Bar" in Del Coronada. 


Unknown said...

I adore this photo!
Red always fits so good on you.

Ursula said...

Thank you so much, P.

It's a scarf from India. :)

Love, U.