Friday, November 02, 2012

Today is a travel day

Up early. It's still a piece of cake. (Jet lag, yuhuuuuu)

Tonight we'll be in Phoenix.

Good is that we fly in the evening. I can stay in the hotel room till 2pm. This allows me to have my Friday primary.

Fall is fantastic here in Portland with all the huge trees everywhere that  lose the red, yellow, orange and green leaves. Wind alters with sunshine and rain. Enough is enough. I'm glad that we fly to a warm place.

Does this  interest anybody?
I'm not so sure.
But I know the finger ballet on the key board must go on to keep the writing process lively.
"Daily" is a key word. What shall grow needs daily practice. Whatever it is. One must learn to accept the lousy practices on the mat and the boring posts on a blog in order to progress. It's part of  the path. 


Debb said...

I have been very interested in viewing your posts about your stay in the USA! The fact being that I am not an avid lover of traveling, I travel vicariously through you.

Your posts help to inspire me to be "aware" of the ordinary. That is where peace and harmony are found, and, of course, also on our mats (((smiles)))

Love to you from this midwestern USA girl..

Ursula said...

This is wonderful when you travel with me.

Last night we arrived in Phoenix and we stay at the same hotel we've been 15 years ago. I couldn't remember anymore so well. My travel posts will keep my memories lively.

The sun is out, I'm happy.

Love to you, too midwestern girl..:)