Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Third series

It has been some time that I've practiced third series asanas.
I know that if I try to practice them at the end of second series I'm likely not to practice them, at least not when I'm alone at home.
Back bending must be practiced, too. To do only third series was not an alternative. The third series poses (most of them) fit after yoga nidrasana. This was, what I did yesterday and it was hard enough.

Today I feel my hips. It was very intensive to do them again after a break. Especially durvasana was difficult. The group will help me today to add the asanas at the end. If I'm done after the headstands I stop.

I'm again so motivated. One practice is over and I'm looking forward to the next one. What is possible with me, I wonder. What am I able to do today.

I repeat myself, but nothing supports my practice more than a healthy vegan diet and water as main beverage.

Picture: Chakorasana can be seen. To apply the basics helps: Hands firmly on the floor, bandhas engaged, focus is the breath.

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