Thursday, November 08, 2012

The weather is too good....

The weather here in San Diego is too good. I had to practice. The room is bright and no carpet is in here. No excuses could be made. This morning I rolled out my mat and practiced.

Today is Wednesday, so second series was on the schedule. I even think that it's better to practice second series after a break because the hamstrings are not so challenged as during primary.

My approach: doing it is it. I didn't like to go to my limits. Just doing it was the goal.

I also didn't like to omit an asana. At the end I realized that I had forgotten some: bakasana, tittibhasana and the last pose before the headstands. I forgave myself quickly. It entertained me.

Especially back bending was not so good, but many asanas were doable. I had no issues to take my legs behind my head.
I knew that pashasana would be possible. I'm so fearful here that I could gain weight that I'm really picky when I eat.

The rest of the day we spent at del Coronado, which was simply awesome.
From our place close to the bar, we could observe the people at the pool. On the other side was the sea. The sun was shining, yet we were protected by the huge white umbrellas. I sipped a Chardonnay from a plastic mug. Hahaha......Americans don't mind about such "trivialities" obviously and I didn't care either. The place there is too good.

Back in the hotel the flu comes back and my nose is clogged. I'm breathing through my mouth, but I feel good.

More pictures are on flickr.


Debb said...

It is too bad that your nose is "clogged" (rather than "clocked") I find great humor in your words though, dear U! And, I always understand you!

Ursula said...

Hahaha, I remember that I've done this mistake aready. I hope this was the last time now....