Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The birds are back

At 7pm I couldn't keep my eyes open anymore and went to bed. At midnight I woke up with the hope that it would be at least 4am. My clock told me another story. This is jet lag. I always forget how awful it is. To return is worse than to fly to the US. No complaining here. Jet leg comes with traveling over the sea. It's part of it and as such accepted (not loved).

I'm eating. It's not only the tiredness that comes at different times, it's also hunger. The bread, the spread will calm my organism.

To be at home again is beautiful, too. I've my own coffee, my own food. I can cook again. It's great to sleep in my own clean bed. And I do have a nice yoga room.

My midnight snack was good. :) It worked I got tired. Must take advantage of this mood of my body. At once.

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