Monday, November 05, 2012

Sunshine in Phoenix

It's winter here, a warm winter. The winter in Phoenix is warmer than our summer.

We drive around with our car. To malls, to restaurants, into the dessert. Nothing is possible without a car. The distances from one house to the other are huge. The country is so huge.

It was great to meet locals yesterday, friends that we've seen the last time more than 10 years ago. The children are grown-up now and  they have become so beautiful and nice people.

It's our last day here. Can be that we visit Barnes & Nobels again, simply because it's nice to be there. Tomorrow we'll fly to San Diego.

The room is so dark, I don't like to practice. And every day that I don't practice I also fear a tiny bit more that my first practice after the break will be HORRIBLE.

Nevertheless I love to travel.
I know that it can happen that one loses the energy with age to move the body around the globe. I observed this so often. Not everybody loves to be 12 hours in the plane, to carry around heavy suitcases and to be in places that cannot compete with the own home. So, it's all perfect as it is for me. I enjoy to be here. The sun is out again. I smile. 

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