Sunday, November 11, 2012

San Francisco airport

The picture is taken this morning at Mission Bay. It was sunny, the wind was fresh. Now water games for surfers were offered at this amusement park. I so wished we had more time to walk around there along the beach. I took a lot of pictures. And now we're already at San Francisco.  In 1 hour the plane will depart. In Germany it's 4:45 am. I feel still fit. The vegetarian sushis at the airport fed me well. I'm no more dependant on what LH is offering.

It has been a road movie this trip: LA, Encinitas, Portland, Phoenix, San Diego and back.

When at home again I'd love to meditate, I only want to sit in padmasana for 10 minutes and I want to observe the coming and going thoughts like the waves of the ocean. I'll observe my breath. That's all. This calming down ritual is scheduled for Monday evening. 

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