Friday, November 02, 2012


I knew it, I shouldn't have entered this book store. It's impossible not to buy a book  in the largest book store of the world. They have blue rooms and yellow rooms and red rooms. Every room has a topic. The books are in shelves that go from the floor to the ceiling. Ladders stand around so that one can have a look in the books close to the ceiling, too. It's a paradise for those seeking knowledge in books, too. 

It's good that I don't live in Portland. I'd miss life, because I'd live in that store. I'd read and read and read.....Today I was in the blue room where I could find books on writing. 
Photography, yoga would interest me, too. 

My suitcase is already too heavy by now........where shall this end.........


Debb said...

Definitely my idea of paradise. Even with a kindle the allure of books is too strong a pull sometimes. As a child I spent hour upon hour at our local library, yes, it is paradise.

Ursula said...


I can imagine you in book stores.
Yes, it's knowledgethat one can find there. Reading a book by an author is a bit like meeting this person,that one never would have met.

Laruga Glaser said...

I've been to Powells! Great place to get lost in. My sister actually lives in the area! Portland is great. Hope you enjoy your time. You've become quite the traveler! :)

Ursula said...

It's wonderful here.

Yep, in the last decade I traveled a lot, indeed.