Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Playful and very motivated.

I was so motivated this morning to work on back bending. What ever I do in this direction is welcomed. The pose on the first picture might help if held long enough, so that the body can sink deeper. It can stretch the front side of the hips.

Also this pose is more challenging as it looks at  first sight. I saw this pose a hundred times, but when I tried it I didn't know in which direction I should look. It's forward not backward. I checked it afterwards. Next time.

This was my kapotasana today after all these additional back bending exercises. I should be able to close the gap between fingers and toes in the next year. This pose needs more attention than I give it by now. There is still potential.

After yoga nidrasana I added the asanas of the third series. I even tried new ones only to find out that I've enough on my plate. More would be too much. What comes isn't easy, but challenging. 

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