Saturday, November 03, 2012

Phoenix, first impressions

To get out of the hotel room, to have sunsihne and to see palms is very special.

The view from the reception. Everywhere is space, everything is huge: the cars, the beds, the rooms, the trees.........

Finally I had breakfast potatoes. Just a joke. Nothing but carbohydrates on plastic plates were offered. Eggs, eggs, eggs and white flour and fat is not a good breakfast. The bagel was so hard, I didn't even try to eat it. This hotel used to be a good one. One never returns to a place. Everything changes all the time. Within 15 years things change for sure and 15 years ago I've been the first time here. I've forgotten a lot, but memory comes again. One has to discover the same place again and again.
No expectations please is a good travel advice. 

Tomorrow we'll eat out of the hotel, this is for sure. We don't want to return with 5 extra kilos, not in the suitcase but on the ribs.

At night the bar is a bar, in the morning it's the breakfast room. We had our welcoming drink there. Yep, Portland was yesterday, today we enjoy Phoenix.

Excuse why I don't like to step on my mat: the carpet in the room. Carpet, I blame you, you innocent thing. I need a day to adjust to my new home for 3 days.
It can be that I practice some asanas tonight. I feel it, it's very likely that this is going to happen. 


Anna said...

Cake and potatoes for breakfast - lovely :-/

Ursula said...

This was perhpas the worst breakfast I had here. I ate well, too.

But to get a breakfast without minimum one egg is almost impossible.