Thursday, November 01, 2012

On flexibility

Flexibility needn't mean only to be able to bend the body like hell.

Sometimes being flexible can also mean to practice at another time as usual. It can mean to adjust the practice to the situation.

The Japanese garden is gorgeous here. I was so glad that I walked to that great place in Portland yesterday after breakfast. The Garden is considered as one of the most beautiful ones, worldwide. I was in awe when I was there. The form of the stems of the trees, the colorful leaves, the composition of this all - one could think that exactly like this garden paradise must look like.

My practice was postponed.

In the late afternoon I was on my mat for a practice. I did primary, almost all the asanas, very few vinyasas. I had walked so much, some of my energy was used up already. It was so good not to think: either a practice comme il faut or nothing at all. My practiced stretched my body, my inner organs were massaged while I was in the asanas. To build strength was neglected. I felt so good afterwards. It's good to do anything. Always.

I'm looking out of the window. The American flag is swirling around. The yellow leaves fly off the stems of the trees. It's windy outside and wet. Some of the people  wear raincoats with a hood. That way they are protected from the rain and they needn't carry an umbrella. Others prefer the umbrella and some don't care about the rain.

Wind is good for taking pictures. It brings liveliness in a picture. My plan for today: Going with the flow. I'll walk around, I'll sit in cafés. Yesterday I found a very ordinary pizzeria, I so loved it. They offered vegan pizzas and even the dressing for the Caesar's salad was vegan. It's close to Powell's bookstore. It can be that I'll have lunch there again.

A quote by Ramesh Balsekar: 
Mind is merely a collection of thoughts, or a collection of impressions which makes up this "me", this self image.


Angele Style said...

Hi Ursula, Are you still here om Portland for the weekend? It would be fun to meet you for coffee. I work full time during the week and take ballet class downtown on Saturday and Sunday. If you are still here maybe we could meet. I taught yoga for 25 years and then stopped to focus on ballet.

It would be fun to meet you.

Ursula said...

Hi Angele,

It would be great to meet you. I'm still in town. This Friday evening (tomorrow) we're leaving Portland.

It seems to me that tonight after your work could be a possibility to meet.
I stay in 6th avenue. I'm sure you know where Nordstrom is. There is this place in front of this warehouse. You surely also know this statue, this man with the umbrella. This could be a meeting point. What do you think?

Angele Style said...

Hi Ursula, So sorry I missed you but.....if you ever come back around this way PLEASE let me know and we can meet. Do you think this was only a one time trip for you? So glad you were able to enjoy or city with all the RAIN. I am a sun worshiper and free to live anywhere in the world I choose but PORTLAND suits me the best of all the places I have visited. The temperatures are mild and glad you were able to visit Powells and the Japanese Gardens. Let me know if you will be back???? Happy travels.