Tuesday, November 13, 2012

My travel tips - part 1

Traveling starts before jumping in a plane.

There is a planning phase that conists mainly in gathering infos. This is so easy nowadays as all infos are available online.
- I check the weather report.
- I search for general infos about a country
- And I search for authors from that country or authors who have written about a country. To read short stories or a novel by an author of a country I want to see motivates me to visit this country. Sometimes I even get ideas what I want to see.

When it's time to pack my suitcase and my handbag, I count first the days of my absence, then I use my check list that has the following categories.
1. documents
2. hygiene
3. drugs
4. entertainment
5. clothes

Most documents belong into the suitcase. I put them in my calender. That way I find them easily when needed.
I have also warm self-knitted socks in my handbag. In the plane, especially if the flight lasts for hours I put off my shoes and put on my socks. This keeps my feet warm and is very comfortable.

I update my check list "traveling": This time i.e. I realized that I need a tiny plastic shoehorn in my handbag. After 10 hours of flight my feet were thick. I could scarcly put on my shoes anymore.

My timer is in a cotton bag. This is not a good solution for trips. It was not the first time that I had to search my handbag for this little timer because it was switched on because one of my items started the timer. After some time the alarm clock could be heard in my handbag. An annoyance. So, I'll shop for a box where my timer can slumber safe ans quiet.
I've my kindle in my handbag. Travelling means also waiting. My library on my kindle entertains me during such times.

What to dress on travel days: 
It shall be something beautiful, of course. I want to feel good when I travel.
Clothes shall also be comfortable. It's good if the pair of trousers have no belt. One has to put it off when checked at the airport. Shoes should be easy to put off and on for the same reasons. I've a plastic arm watch. Keys, money and such things are in the handbag. This all makes the security check easier.

I try to leave my home clean. By now I had always return tickets. It's hard enough to return, to return to a dirty home full of mess is a very hard landing. I usually look forward to a clean warm villa that welcomes me. I consider this as important.

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Interesting tips - danke.